Unfortunately, divorce is far too common in our society today. Divorce rates have been rising since the 20th century especially since the institution of no-fault divorce. Divorces are a painful process and there is need for a strategy to navigate the legal and financial mine fields. Do not let the pain of a divorce stop you from protecting yourself or your family, financially and legally. Engage an expert who can help develop a workable strategy.

Reagan FVL provides strategic financial guidance to individuals and legal counsel throughout divorce proceedings. We can help with issues like:

"I’ve found Greg’s contribution to be incredibly valuable. He demonstrates insightful, focused analytical and critical thinking, unmatched expertise in his field, and genuine humility. I have seldom seen the first qualities in the same package as the last."

- Bob K., Business CEO
  • the valuation of closely held business interests in the marital estate;
  • determination of the capacity to pay maintenance;
  • investigation of missing, unreported or undervalued assets; and
  • projection of settlements.

When one or both of the divorcing parties is the owner of a business, the business value must be taken into consideration during the divorce process. Everything from the business’ physical property and assets, to its income and expenses, to the percentage of the party’s ownership interest, to the anticipated future of the business, to the economic climate, to the industry in which the business operates….everything both internal and external that affects the business must all be taken into consideration when determining the business’ value. An extensive and well thought-out valuation can mean the difference between a fair or one-sided distribution of assets.

Sometimes collaborative divorce efforts are successful and a financial neutral party can be very effective in helping parties reach a workable settlement. However, if an amicable settlement is not reachable and litigation ensures, an unbiased and ethical expert is essential to the case. You will need someone who can explain the complex numbers and issues that can be the center of the dispute in an understandable way….and keep their composure under cross examination.

We know first-hand how difficult divorce processes can be and fully understand the financial and economic dimensions of pre and post-divorce life. Our experience and creative resourcefulness can make the difference in dispute resolution. Our experience in preparing easy to understand reports, and our testimony in depositions and at trial are pivotal in achieving equitable results.

"You are the real deal."

- Dorian G., Litigation Attorney

Our family law services include:

  • Business Valuation
  • Hidden Asset Search
  • Structuring Equitable Property Settlements
  • Marital and Separate Property Determination
  • Marital Asset Allocation
  • Cash Flow Consulting and Analysis
  • Post-divorce Financial and Tax Planning