Competence and Testifying Skill

“I have known Greg for nearly 30 years.  He is extremely talented and very accomplished in both the accounting world and especially in the areas of forensic audits and forensic investigations, and in business valuations.  He is well recognized in Alabama and in the southeast as one of the best expert witnesses when it comes to business valuation and forensic accounting audits and investigations.  He is also a great communicator.”

– Jimmy W., CPA (former AICPA president)


“Greg is an excellent forensic accountant and has my unqualified endorsement.  As a legal practitioner for forty years handling business litigation, I have used Greg as an expert more than once and have been most pleased with Greg’s professional expertise, insight and work ethic.”

– Tony D., Litigation Attorney


“This report is fantastic!  It’s a really great, logical recitation of the damages – fantastic work!”

– Kathleen L., Litigation Attorney


“This is the best damages rebuttal report I’ve ever seen.”

– Keith A., Litigation Attorney


“I have worked with Greg on several occasions in cases involving the need for a forensic accountant. In each case, his work product has been exemplary.  He has discovered fraud and embezzlement, and his efforts in each case have led to a favorable outcome.  Further, I have found his knowledge of the accounting standards to be at the highest level.  He is compassionate to his clients and dedicated to his work.”

– Rick S., Business and Litigation Attorney


“Greg has a rare and unique ability to plan, execute and deliver on audit and forensic work on a timely basis, and has a long history working with my firm to attest to the same.  He has an excellent business acumen that exceeds most of those engaged in this profession.  Greg is punctual, reliable, honest, dedicated, loyal and trustworthy and has an excellent personality to deal with a wide range of the public”.

– C. E., CPA


“I have worked with Greg on several occasions, and in each instance, he has brought value to his clients and has served their interests well. I always enjoy working with Greg.”

– Jim M., Tax Attorney


“Greg is excellent in his field of accounting, forensics and valuation. He is detailed creative and believable. I would recommend him and use him again. I have found Greg to be perceptive, analytical, professional, ethical, honest, and forthright.  Greg’s work is timely, organized, professionally presented, accurate and detailed.  He is articulate, presents his findings with excellent oral communications skills and most importantly, he wears well in front of people (especially juries and judges).”

– Bruce G., Litigation Attorney


“Greg is one of the most knowledgeable and talented CPAs in the State of Alabama. His work for my clients has been creative, sound and effective. I do not hesitate to encourage my clients to use his services.”

– Fred D., Business and Estate Tax Attorney


“You are the real deal.”

– Dorian G., Litigation Attorney


“Greg has an impressive and extensive background.  I have worked with Greg on audits, valuations, litigation support, consulting and various forensic accounting engagements in numerous industries.  The emphasis has always been on quality and professionalism.  We have done some truly great work together that has made a noticeable difference in the lives of the clients we served.  Greg is very smart, determined, hard working, and a highly gifted communicator.  Moreover, Greg is highly regarded and respected by everyone who knows him.  I have heard numerous individuals praise his work, from clients and attorneys for whom he has provided services to judges before whom he has provided expert testimony.”

– Michael T., CPA


“You are the missing piece to the puzzle.”

– Jeff C., Business CEO


“I’ve found Greg’s contribution to be incredibly valuable.  He demonstrates insightful, focused analytical and critical thinking, unmatched expertise in his field, and genuine humility.  I have seldom seen the first qualities in the same package as the last.”

– Bob K., Business CEO


“I brought a business issue before a member only business CEO group to seek counsel.  Greg was a member. As I listened, I thought to myself, “Wow! Greg is just plain awesome! EXTREMELY wise! I shoulda listened to him more intently. In 2 instances, Greg was the only one who predicted the future with AMAZING accuracy. ……. Thank you, Greg.”

– Steve S., Business CEO


“Greg is one of the best auditors and forensic accountants that I have ever worked with.  He is very knowledgeable and thorough in all his work.  He is excellent at research, finding options and alternatives for difficult accounting issues.  He will also access a variety of resources in order to provide resolutions to complex accounting problems.  Greg also excels at writing very technical reports that encompass extremely complicated issues, and he has the ability to explain those same complex issues in terms that even those with no accounting background can understand.  He is a great communicator and teacher.”

– Pamela W, CPA


‪”Greg serves his customers with unusual passion and persistence. I have observed Greg to take enormous time in assessing all a client’s needs and to go to a great effort in helping the client find the help needed, through others as well as his own services. His giving approach is warm and helpful.”

– John M., Business Consultant


“Greg is competent and confident in his expertise, yet without a hint of arrogance.  He is pleasant to work with.  He is thorough, articulate, and accomplished at analytics.”

– Thomas D., Business CEO


“Mr. Reagan uncovered an inventory shortage and we were able to obtain insurance recovery for an employee defalcation. He also made recommendations to prevent a recurrence of this problem.”

– L. T. W., Business CFO


“I like your perspective; you’re not just looking in the rear view mirror!”

– Edward C., Vistage Business Coach

Ethical Conduct

“Mr. Reagan, you went above and beyond the call of duty on this case.  I am incredibly impressed by the ethical manner in which you conducted yourself in my courtroom.”

– Judge Theresa P.


“Greg is a man of utmost integrity and skill. I recommend him without reservation.”

– Stephen S., Business CEO


“I have come to have the utmost respect for Greg as a man of commitment and fidelity.  His ethical standards are inviolable, yet I sense a great capacity for compassion in interpersonal relationships.”

– Stanton I., Investment Broker


“I have come to have the utmost respect for Greg as a man of his word.  He is known as a person of inscrutable ethical standards and someone who can be counted on to help make those really tough decisions.”

– Michael M., Ed.D.


“Greg Reagan’s forensic prowess is only outshined by his unwavering moral compass.  Keep up the great work, Greg.”

– Zach M., CPA, CVA


“When consulting with me about various business issues, Greg has always sought the path of integrity and what is right.  Not only did he want to do the right thing, he wanted to do it the right way.”

– Howard M., Nonprofit Executive


“Our company experienced an embezzlement in one of our departments.  Mr. Reagan was retained to spearhead the investigation.  Consequently, Mr. Reagan uncovered a lapping scheme devised to steal cash that was so complicated that initially it appeared nearly impossible to unravel and organize our loss.  Mr. Reagan painstakingly plotted, charted, and proved our loss to our insurance company.  In three separate meetings, Mr. Reagan proved exceptional organizational & verbal communication skills that provided proof of loss to a very fact seeking insurance adjuster.  Mr. Reagan showed integrity during this investigation in that he was being employed by our company but never accepted any assumed loss until totally proven by fact.”

– Jim L., Business CEO


“Greg is a dependable, reliable and honest businessman. With many years of experience, he has a vast wealth of knowledge and experience to provide insights on his many areas of expertise.”

– Joanie G., Business Consultant


“I have always found Greg to be a person of the highest ethical, moral, and personal values.  His greatest asset is his ability to communicate effectively both his professional ethics and accounting knowledge in a manner that is always well received.”

– Russell S., Business CFO


“I have worked with Greg Reagan in his capacity to properly value and provide in-depth financial analysis of businesses for his clients. His analysis is very thorough and complete.  Greg is very honest in all that he does. He desires to serve his clients in a way that gives them confidence in his reports and opinions. Because he is willing to work hard and long hours, Greg meets his client’s deadlines on a consistent basis.”

– James M., Business Broker


“I just finished watching your CPE credit video on ethics.  I have also seen a decline in professional ethics within the fabric of our culture, and I wanted to personally thank you for putting this great video together.”

– Robert H., Business Valuator


“I believe integrity and honesty are the most fundamental characteristics needed of any leader.  I have witnessed Greg be consistent in this area in both his professional and private life.  He truly desires to do the right thing and is reliable in his commitments.”

– Amy H., CPA